Conference Goals


Every year since 2003, the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions, LACCEI, organizes an Annual Conference to integrate the Americas. Papers are accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French as an effort to include all the nations of this hemisphere.

The mission of LACCEI is to be the leading organization of Latin American and Caribbean Engineering Institutions that will bring innovations in engineering education and research, and emerge as a major force to foster partnerships among academia, industry, government and private organizations for the benefit of the society and the nations. This organization has served as vehicle for initial contacts and exploring ideas.

From 23 to 27 July 2012, the 10th. International Conference of LACCEI will be held in Panama City, Republic of Panama, under the subject  “Megaprojects”. The event will be hosted by the Universidad Tecnològica de Panamà (Panama University of Technology).

The meeting will focus discussions on addressing topics related to Megaprojects: building infrastructure by fostering engineering collaboration, efficient and effective integration and innovative planning. The objectives of the event are:

  • To facilitate the discussion of issues related to engineering problems and best practices in large infrastructure projects.
  • Fostering collaboration among engineers which will contribute to disseminate valuable knowledge on engineering and technology on developing national and international megaprojects.
  • To introduce efficient and effective integration practices as well as innovation when  particularly large engineering projects are being considered.  
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration among members of the institutions in areas of engineering education, research and technological advances focused on larger projects
  • Address issues expected to have positive impacts on engineers, educators and students in the region, when establishing a community to work for the education of the engineer for the Americas.

The Conference is an international forum to exchange ideas, to present best practices, discuss on future directions in international collaboration, establish dialogues on research agendas, and provide instruction and a training springboard to engineering professors with basic instruction on these topics.  The participating faculty and students will address and define experiences that could be implemented in their own working environment, while interacting with other faculty, research personnel and students from various countries to share experiences and to encourage the formation of partnerships to collaborate on projects of mutual interest. LACCEI is aimed at a wide variety of engineering professionals and students, academics and researchers, professionals and engineers.